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Platformer - design stage

What kind of game to build? Especially if its for the iphone. A platformer, a puzzle-game, a detective-story oriented game? What to build?

 Perhaps its worth starting with a platformer. Something simple. There is alot of material on the net for this kind of stuff, so lets get started.

 If this is a platformer, then it must have characters, it must have levels, enemies, weapons, ladders, elevators, special rewards, and helpers along the way. So that's what we will need.
 1 main player, 6 enemies to begin with, with basic weapons such as axes. Level 1 will have 2 ladders, indicating two vertical motions and rest horizontal. There willl be a reward on the first level of simply kudos(for level upgrades later).
 How to defeat the enemies? Well, if they have weapons, then we need a weapon too! So a blue sword to begin with. That's simple enough to start us off.  How about a picture to demonstrate this simple beginning.

Trying to design for a puzzle game

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