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2d mobile game development(Developing an App)

There are ever increasing numbers of new mobile applications being developer and released for the iOS and android platforms. A broad range of categories,  attempts to include something for everyone. Be that as it may, new avenues seem to unfold and from an old seed new smartphone applications still spring forth. Yes, the 2d gaming world, I think is still very much alive but has taken on a different form. Gone are the days of Mario  and Tetris on the SNES, it has been made even more obsolete with the advent of 2d mobile gaming. Now you can experience the thrill and intensity of those old titles on a 9 inch screen.
Indeed, this new seed has sprung forth a flower for everyone to see. This mobile game framework has made it possible for indie mobile application developers to come onto the scene. And whilst old titles have been revived, new titles are ever emerging into the mobile 2d gaming world. This is providing a fascinating user experience and serves well for a kind of light entertainment, without the trouble of having to turn on the TV and the console and then to switch if off again. But there is more! The retina display on the new iPhones enhance the visualisation of the game and so add a charming unique flavour to the whole gaming experience. With better technology, enabling faster processor speeds and increased graphics performance, this experience it seems can only get better. In fact as the graph below illustrates, processor speed has been rising for more than 30 years, and with the advent of new materials, perhaps transistors can be built even more cheaply, reducing the cost of hardware and potentially allowing even faster commerical access to better hardware. I suppose if silicon transistors are replaced with graphene transitors, the unlocking potential can be huge! Perhaps  the advent of ever increasing global mobile app development is climbing toward the tip of the iceberg.

Moore's Law and Transistors

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