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Building A Game

Building a game can be a daunting process.  Initially ideas flow in and many have to be discarded in favour of better ones, but once the idea has been played out, and you think there is something there, you start. So what's it take to build a game? Once you start, the process becomes more intense, but fascinating. It can get tough at times especially when you appear to not be making any ground. But you just gotta continue and keep persevering. Good Artwork is crucial and sometimes this can be the most challenging aspect. Getting the game dynamics right can be rather tough as well; it's like an iterative process, trial and error, you just keep playing until it gets better. Improving the artwork as you improve the game dynamics can happen. Both play a role in defining a good user experience.
Good Animations are key for good impressions of the game and provide an added dimension for good feel.
 It is useful to see what's out there. This is very helpful and can give you a feel for what improvements you can make to enhance game play and produce better visuals.  Inevitable you will have to try out a multitude of things until you feel you have got it right. It takes time, but eventually a light will shine at the end of the tunnel, well, hopefully :)
 Nevertheless, always remember what you started with and where you got to, as what was produced I am sure looks better than the blank screen you started out with. After a while you may think, "It's Okay, can be much better....", but then at that time, let someone else play it and you will realise that it is actually pretty good.
 Soon, will have more info, once game is released. I am trying to build a game for the iphone, and am almost there! I will let you know about it, once it is officially on the App Store.
 I am thinking of building another one, it currently looks like this:
NinjaJump(my second soon to be released app)
This game is very much still in its infancy. Platforms will move from the bottom to the top of the screen unpredictably  left to right,  and the ninja has to jump onto them by pressing buttons at the bottom to jump onto the corresponding platform and bamboo will appear on the left, which if clicked will cause the ninja to throw a shuriken and slice it in two and falll to the ground. The score will be a running timer which will increase further with the number of bamboo cut in two. This game will be made for the iphone.

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