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Smartphone Application Development (Games)

Developing a Smartphone Application in 2-3 weeks. (A 2d game)
 I was scrolling around on google, trying to workout how to build a game. What game mobile app framework can I use? Is it free? Does it actually work? Then I stumbled upon GameSalad. Gamesalad is a really cool Smartphone Development App Framework, it takes some time learning how it works, but once you understand some of the basic game mechanics of how it operates, then you can have loads of fun with it! You have these things called actors, behaviours and scenes. The behaviours control what the actor does in the given scene. Actors can interact with other actors, and so a wealth of ideas can be tested.
The very fact that you can test your idea almost instantly, is what makes GameSalad a brilliant resource for  Smartphone Application game  development. Now there is a catch, if you want to publish your game you need to buy GameSalad Pro which cost $299 but well worth  a shot!
 So I began developing a game in GameSalad a while back in early March, and it was  a struggle. There was alot I didn't know, but I did have some instruction for a couple of hours earlier on, so the task seemed possible. I wanted to build something quick and playable. It was a tough task, and many times I thought "maybe this is not good enough", but then I kept on perservering, and sometimes in the middle of the night a great idea came along and pursuing it to its end proved worthy. It was a painstaking process, and I never thought it would get done. I kept trying, and trying to get the right characters, finding the animations/sprites was difficult, and I had to create my own sometimes, which was enjoyable but quite an iterative process(All part of the smartphone application development cycle). Nevertheless, when you see the sprite in action its wonderful! Something so simple when animated looks wonderful!  So I kept doing this for about a week, constantly iterating the game dynamics, tweaking it here and there, adjusting the character graphics, and worked simultaneously on both of these aspects, all the while constantly testing on the app on the smartphone. It all seemed to work well together, I think it is a good idea to work on both the game dynamics and character graphics at about the same time; the character animations does help with the game play. There's need to be a sense of  "O'yea that would normally happen". And that I tried to filter into the game as much as possible. To make it feel intuitive. Making it as intuitive as possible is very important. Building a simple game, and adding a high scoring system is a good idea, as the user will want  to continue to play and beat their friends high scores! Adding achievements is also a wonderful idea, as it  tempts the user to carry on playing.
  How to monetize this Smartphone Application? In- app purchases are a treat, adding them takes some time though and it needs to fit with the criteria of the game. They can be cheap but rewarding for both user and producer, and especially for monetization for the producer. In-ads are another great idea.  Adding ads to your game is an important step, as this can really help with monetization.
  All in all it has been a tremendous episode for game development, personally.  I managed to complete the build and you will see JumpySkate on the app store soon, hopefully, so keep the look out!
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