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The Release Of Jumpy Skate (Smartphone Application-currently available on the Google Play Store)

After spending many sleepless nights developing  the app Jumpy Skate, it was finally released.
 In the end this proved to be a tough challenge, many revisions were necessary and so getting to a good stable version of the of this mobile app (game), involved a fair bit of work.
 There were many times where I thought it could be improved and often at night a great idea would emerge and slowly become clear until it finally manifested itself on the screen. I enjoyed developing the cape activity, which is in sync with the score. Although there were many intriguing moments, I remember constantly trying to develop the app and refine it, was I to complete the development of a smartphone app? I was very optimistic about releasing this mobile app, and then....


So I published it to Google play about a week ago and have almost 1000 mobile app downloads.  I hope it is a fun and addictive game. Should it be well received, I think, it will spur me on to start on something else!
I enjoyed building this game, it was something I had to manage with my studies, and so I wasn't really sure if I could pull it of. To be honest with you, anyone can develop a mobile game. Often, I found it was that first step of actually venturing into the unknown that really got me thinking: "You know maybe not...". But then I started, and it was a fascinating experience.
  There was a point where I thought, this isn't so good. But then someone played it (not the most recent version, nor were they a developer) and they thoroughly enjoyed it :). That renewed my feeling that this game can be played and that it is at least fun to play.
 During the first week of its build, I intensely focused on the game dynamic; and these were some of my first steps of venturing into the mobile app development world. I Especially worked on the pressure applied to the screen by the user and how that affects the height of the character's jump. This I think was one of the most challenging design aspects of developing the smartphone app. There were two problems that needed to be solved, in regard to this, the first of which involved simply controlling the character's jump by tapping on the screen, where the height of the jump was controlled by how much time you pressed down on the screen. The second problem involved going through an iterative process, of working out if it was possible to avoid the obstacles by jumping. I think going through an iterative process is an essential aspect of developing mobile applications.
 During the course of the couple of weeks to develop this game,  I constantly played around with the jump mechanism, iterating again and again to make it feel at least better. There were many times, where others were saying its too slow, "needs to be faster..., needs to jump higher..., needs to be smaller...", but when this was taken on board and displayed itself on the screen, the game did perform better overall.
 It is important to test your app on mobile devices before releasing the final edition. It is possible to use an android emulator for testing purposes but nothing beats seeing it on the smartphone, as this is where you get the closest feel of the game to that when your fellow android users play it. Should it be well received - don't worry iTunes we are coming! Developer kit bought :)(hopefully worth the $99)
 During the course of playing around with the game dynamics, I did actually delve into finding the appropriate sound effects and artwork. So you can say, I worked on game play and graphics, when neither was complete. I did enjoy crafting the animations, although this was sometimes quite tedious, but in the end when it worked, it was a relief!
  Overall, this was a challenging endeavor, especially for someone who hasn't really programmed much before. But maybe that worked to my advantage....
  Here you go. Have a go:
                                               JUMPY SKATE ON GOOGLE PLAY


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